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Dont Give Me Heartaches

Flip Side Hey Ruby, Brunswick , Recorded

Listen to Don't Bring Me Heartaches by Barry Ryan, Shazams.

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 · They don’t respond to medication. After months of extensive (and often painful) experimentation, I discovered that they are due to beer! This was a huge surprise to me, since I was born in Milwaukee and enjoyed beer without headaches for 35+ years before this started. Now, a single pint can cause a staggering headache lasting over 12 s:

Don't give my heart a break Don't give it an ache for heavens sake I'm on my knees now pretty please Don't give my heart a break Don't give my heart a break Don't put the pressure on me precious Take about as much as it can take Don't give my heart a break, oh oh Well, I thought this heart has beaten love for sure It's never missed this many.

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