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I Want To Go Where The Sex Is (Live At THe Whitechapel Art Gallery)

28 reviews of Whitechapel Gallery "The Whitechapel Art Gallery has some really great exhibitions that showcase emerging talent in Modern Art. There is a permanent exhibition here, which is quite different and experimental, mostly focusing on mixed media. Its a gem of a gallery in East London, just a short walk from Brick Lane. Its one of the very few galleries that I know of in that area, and.

Book your visit to take part in this free, interactive display. This is the Night Mail Selected by Ida Ekblad. Explore how moonlit interiors and landscapes frame dreams, dramas and transgressions. Artists' Film International. New films screening on-site and online.

Viewing them feels a bit like how I would imagine watching the Sex Pistols live would; a vicious, funny but unsettlingly serious piss-take. Lucas’s recent retrospective at the Whitechapel Gallery placed many older, familiar pieces alongside her current offerings.

Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX. The original Whitechapel Art Gallery was built in Townsend's "highly personal and distinctive style of Art Nouveau" (Cherry 76) — or, as he would probably have preferred to see it, in a late expression of Arts and Crafts ideals.

His film at the Whitechapel includes some footage from around the same time, of Gates as an eager student stating his ambition – now satisfied – to make an art movie about clay.

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