If you guys think this week’s breeder、 Elisa、 looks familiar、 it’s because she is. Elisa’s been one of my favorite Bangmaids for quite a while and I’ve kept her steadily employed for almost a year、 hiring her right after her 18thbirthday. She cooks、 she cleans、 and most importantly she deepthroats my cock and lets me pound her pussy on demand. Although she is a decent cook and keeps my apartment clean enough、 she knows that her most important job is to smile and look pretty. Sure、 I might punish her for leaving streaks on the windows or not keeping the bathroom spotless、 but I won’t fire her over it. However、 if she fails to maintain a sexy figure or if she develops too many blemishes on her pretty teen face、 she’s outta here!*****Fortunately for me (and for her)、 my sweet little Bangmaid has continued to maintain her pleasant demeanor and youthful beauty for almost an entire year. That’s pretty impressive! One day while the little whore was giving me my morning blowjob、 she seemed a little upset. I don’t normally entertain pouty attitudes、 but because I’d employed her for so long、 I asked her what was wrong. She told me she was jealous because over the past year I had impregnated lots of other girls who weren’t as pretty as she was、 but I wouldn’t impregnate her and make her a mommy. She looked at me with her pouty、 puppy-dog eyes、 tears just starting to form、 and said “Please sir、 please give me baby.”*****Wow、 what could I say? How could I deny my little teen dream-girl her ultimate maternal desires? As a man raised in a meritocracy、 I believe that people should be rewarded for working hard. And she had certainly worked hard for me、 keeping herself beautiful and in shape. The only reason I hadn’t properly inseminated her yet was because I wanted to keep her skinny and thin for as long as possible、 but I guess since she was about to turn 19、 it was time to knock her up properly. So I folded and agreed to impregnate the little breeder. I’m such a softie、 hehe.***** I dolled the little whore up in pigtails and makeup and had her tell me all about what she was learning in school (“we learn to look pretty for the boys!”) and it turned me on immensely. She gave me a nice、 solid blowjob to warm me up、 but honestly I didn’t even need it. The thought of finally inseminating this beautiful breeder after all these months had me rock hard. Even after months of regular pussy pounding、 Elisa’s smooth little pussy was still as tight as a glove. Sliding in and out of her silky vagina was heavenly、 and after half an hour of deep pumping、 it was time to deliver my sacred load into her eager little beaver.*****Once sufficiently filled to the brim、 I corked Elisa’s sweet teen pussy with a wine cork、 making sure every drop of life-giving semen was sealed inside. After 15 minutes of incubation、 I told the slut to push out the cork with her pussy muscles and it shot out with a satisfying “POP!” So sexy!*****A couple months have passed since I shot this episode and Elisa missed her last period、 so things are looking good! She’s excited、 I’m happy、 and my house is still spotless! She’s such a good girl!

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