Like a lot of you guys who hail from western countries、 when I come to Southeast Asia I’m on the hunt for spinners: tiny、 rail-thin teens with tight stomachs without an ounce of fat on them. Our western girls are too chubby. Maybe it’s the fast food、 maybe the sedentary lifestyle、 or maybe it’s just genetic. I don’t know for sure、 but the first time you come to a country like Thailand or the Philippines you’ll feel like you’ve arrived in teeny-bopper heaven. So many cute、 skinny、 fresh-faced teens to choose from、 and they all want to have your baby! It’s pretty awesome.*****However、 in some instances I still want a girl with some meat on her. A girl with a nice pair of bouncy breasts、 a juicy round ass、 and wide baby-making hips. Why? Because I want to breed her of course! I need to make sure my offspring are well taken care of. And this week’s breeder、 Rebecca、 fit that profile perfectly.*****Rebecca showed up to my door after answering my “Free Sperm Donor” ads and my degenerate monger dick immediately pepped up in excitement. Pretty face、 juicy jugs、 and a hip-to-waist ratio that an alpha breeder like myself always dreams of. I was pretty sure I could put twins into her belly and she could bear them with ease. So hot!*****I ordered Rebecca to change into a really slutty outfit to get my juices flowing、 then it was down to business. She seemed to really know her way around a cock、 and I made sure to stuff my 9-inch tool as deeply into her empty little head as possible. She struggled for a while、 I’m a persistent guy and continued to plow away into her head cavity、 skull-fucking the beautiful little breeder. *****Being sufficiently hard、 my cock just had to have a taste of Rebecca’s silky smooth pussy、 so I proceeded to pump the little whore in a few different positions. I could feel the inner walls of her breeding box start to spasm and contract、 indicating that her pussy was aching to be filled with sperm、 so I finally shot load after load of hot、 white semen deep into the recesses of her fertile womb. And as always、 to ensure maximum fertilization potential、 I corked her sweet little love chute with a wine cork to prevent any of my valuable jizz from escaping their new home.*****After 15 minutes of making the little calf lie flat on the bed with her legs in the air (using gravity to help guide my workmanlike spermatozoa to their prize) I uncorked the little slut and watched with pride as my semen slowly dripped from her tiny tender twat. And wouldn’t you know it? Rebecca texted me 5 months later and told me she was having twin boys! Good job Rebecca、 you exhibited maximum sexual fitness! And each one of my sons will have a ripe、 delicious teet to suck on for months to come、 hehe.

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